Have a Plumber Come Check and Maintain Your Cabin's Systems


Chances are, you don't put as much thought and care into the plumbing at your cabin as you do the plumbing at your ordinary home. This makes sense to a certain extent since cabin plumbing tends to be much simpler, and since you don't live in the cabin year-round. However, it is important to strike a balance. You don't want to just ignore the cabin's plumbing system until something goes wrong. It's best to have a plumber out to check over a few things and do a few basic maintenance tasks to prevent issues down the road. Here are the key things you'll want the plumber to check and do at your cabin.

1. Make sure the shut-off valves work.

You will want to be able to turn the water off at your cabin before you leave, as this will prevent the pipes from freezing in the winter. And even during the summer, it will ensure you don't come back to a burst pipe and a flooded cabin! But you can only do this if the plumbing shut-off valves work. A plumber can try them all out, and if needed, replace or lubricate any that are faulty or sticky. Some cabins may not even have shut-off valves if they were built quickly and cheaply. In this case, a plumber can add some valves for you.

2. Check for tiny leaks.

Out in the wilderness where there's a lot of dirt and wetness, it's easy to overlook a tiny plumbing leak. You might assume those drops of water on the floor are just from someone's boots! But tiny leaks can soon turn into bit leaks. A plumber will locate and repair tiny leaks before they're a major problem.

3. Insulate outdoor spigots.

Outdoor spigots are prone to freezing and bursting. While it's best to just turn the water off to them in the colder months, sometimes there may be a surprise freezing day or two when you're not at the cabin and have not turned the water supply off. Adding insulation to the spigots will give you an extra layer of protection here.

4. Pumping the septic tank.

Almost all cabins are on septic tanks since there are no sewer systems in the wilderness. Your tank will need to be pumped every few years to keep too much solid waste from building up in it. Your plumber can do this, and then they can advise you as to the best pumping schedule, going forward.

If you have a plumber come to check and maintain your cabin plumbing system on the regular, you'll avoid bigger issues, saving yourself from flooding and expensive bills.


24 February 2021

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