Cleaning Out Your Plumbing System's Sewer Line


Keeping a home's sewer line clean can be an important step in keeping the plumbing system working. While this type of cleaning can be essential, it is one of the more commonly neglected types of maintenance work that a home will need on a regular basis.

How Can Failing To Keep The Sewer Line Clean Impact The Home's Plumbing System?

It can be difficult for a homeowner to appreciate the need to keep their plumbing system clean if they do not have a basic understanding of the types of issues that a dirty sewer line can create. For example, the residue and debris that may collect in the sewer line could be enough to slow or stop the flow of wastewater through the line. Once this occurs, you may need to use a clog removal service rather than a basic sewer line cleaning service.

What Is Involved With Cleaning Out The Sewer Line Of A Home?

The process of cleaning a sewer line will be relatively straightforward. A plumbing professional will insert a tool into the sewer line that will be able to break up small obstructions and remove debris from the sides of the pipe. Most often, these systems will utilize high-speed jets of water, but some of these devices can also scrape the interior of the pipes to clean them or even use vibrations to loosen debris. Once the tool has been inserted into the sewer line, the actual cleaning work is likely to be done in as little as an hour, but properties with longer sewer lines may require more time.

Can A Cleanout Service Handle Roots That Are Growing Into The Sewer Line?

Roots will often find a way to enter the sewer line. These roots can easily clog the entire line, and they will have to be removed. Unfortunately, a basic sewer line cleaning service may not be able to handle this work as there will need to be specialized tools to cut and break up the roots. Furthermore, the puncture that the root made into the sewer line will have to be repaired to prevent leaks from occurring as well as to stop roots from simply growing back into the sewer line. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know whether a root intrusion has occurred, and it can be common for this issue to only be discovered once the sewer line is undergoing cleaning. Fortunately, the cleaning service will be able to provide an accurate description of the location of the root intrusion, which can make it easier for it to be repaired by services equipped to handle this task.

To learn more, reach out to a local sewer line cleaner.


2 November 2020

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