When To Repair Or Replace Your Well Pump


Wells provide water to many people who live in rural areas. They can offer the security of knowing you have a viable source of fresh water, even if municipal water supplies are inaccessible. Wells rely on well pumps to draw water into pipes which then carry water into your home. Well pumps don't last indefinitely, however. Eventually, they can break down due to clogs or wear and tear. Here are four instances when you'll need to repair or replace your well pump:

1. Your well pump is too old.

Well pumps are designed to last for up to ten years. After that point, you're more likely to notice issues related to water pressure and temperature fluctuations. If your well pump is at least a decade old, it's wise to have it preemptively replaced. If you begin to experience problems with well pumps that are eight or nine years old, it might be worth replacing the pump rather than paying to have it repaired.

2. You don't know when your well pump was last changed.

If your house came with a well and you don't know its history, you should first try to contact the prior owners. You want to get a record of the repair and maintenance services they've had performed. If this isn't an option, you should have your well inspected. A well inspection service can test the quality of your water and look for any obvious signs of damage to your well pump. However, your well pump may already be past its prime. If you don't want to deal with further repairs at a later date, it's a good idea to replace the well pump whenever you move into a new home.

3. Your water pressure is inconsistent.

Consistent water pressure is the key to a good shower or the ability to wash your dishes. Water pressure fluctuations can be annoying. They're also a sign that your well pump is starting to go bad. Inefficient well pumps can increase your water bill, so don't ignore the signs of trouble. If you start to notice low water pressure, especially if it occurs in different water fixtures throughout your house, you should call a well repair service.

4. You notice a hissing or spitting noise.

When you turn on your faucet, the water should flow smoothly. If you notice unusual noises, especially if the sound is accompanied by sudden spurts of water, your well pump needs to be repaired. This splashing phenomenon occurs when air finds its way into your well pump. Air is then expelled through your faucet, which creates the unusual noise.

To learn more, contact a well repair company, such as Action Well & Pump Repair.


27 March 2020

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