3 Common Causes Of Sewer Line Clogs And Repairs A Plumber Might Recommend


Sewer pipe clogs are common because of the daily threats to an underground pipe that carries solid wastes and water. Tree roots are drawn to sewer pipes, and waste can form clogs that back into your house. When your sewer pipe leaks or clogs, you'll probably need to call a plumber to repair the problem. Here are three common causes of sewer line clogs and how a plumber can help.

1. Buildup In The Pipe

The pipe should be clear inside so water and waste can flow through and empty promptly. When there's a clog due to things like wet wipes or paper towels building up, the drain slows down and may eventually clog off completely. Since all your drains flow to the sewer line, the pipe has to deal with grease, food bits, hair, soap scum, toilet paper, human waste, and trash that's thrown in the toilet. On top of that, if your home has hard water, scale can build up inside the pipe over the years and cause the diameter to get narrower.

Your plumber can clear out a clog in your sewer line by using a hydro jet unless your pipes are too old and fragile to withstand the force of the water. If your pipes are weak, a snake might be used instead. A water jet is perfect for clearing sewer clogs because the stream of water can blast a clog apart, and since the stream sprays in all directions, the sides of the pipe are scrubbed clean too. This can remove years of grease, scum, and scale buildup.

2. Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots are a common problem because roots are always looking for water and nutrients. Roots can get in through a gap in a pipe joint or through a crack. Once inside, the roots can live off the nutrients and continue growing until they fill the pipe. Your plumber can remove the roots with a snake or hydro jet. However, roots often grow back. Your plumber may recommend a root-killing product to pour down the drain that kills roots without harming the tree, or they might recommend putting a liner in the pipe. A liner covers gaps and cracks so tree roots can no longer get inside the pipe.

3. Collapsed Pipe

A collapsed pipe is a serious problem since the broken pipe allows waste to leak out and the pipe may not drain fast enough to prevent backups in your house. A broken pipe can happen due to the old age of the pipe, tree roots, or shifting of the soil. The plumber needs to repair or replace a busted and collapsed sewer pipe. This might be done by digging up the old pipe or the plumber might make trenchless sewer repairs and pull a new pipe under the ground to line or replace the old one.

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3 March 2020

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