Symptoms Of A Poorly Working Drain And The Services To Fix It


When you have one drain in your home that goes slow, or always seem to get clogged, this can be because of a small clog close to the surface of your drain. You may be able to take care of this type of clog on your own using chemical drain cleaner or a plumbing snake. The problem often occurs in places like the bathroom sink, where hair is often the culprit to causing a clog. If your drain has a strange odor, this also can mean you have a clog. The problem is usually farther down in your system, and could even be in your main sewer line. Odors coming from your drains are never a good sign and should always be investigated.

Main Sewer Line Clogs

Your main sewer line takes all the waste water out of your home and out to the city sewer system or your septic system if you have one. When there is a partial clog, you may begin to see that your drains are going more slowly. You may also hear a gurgling sound when your toilet flushes. The main sewer line can start to get clogged because of tree roots. A plumber will use professional tools to break up the tree roots and remove any debris that is blocking your main sewer line.

When Water Comes Back Up Your Drain

The debris builds up, and eventually the clog is complete. You will have waste water come back up into your home through every drain possible, making a mess of your home. Even if the water is clear, water that comes back up from a drain is a sign of problems. It is time for emergency plumbing services when you see water coming back up, as eventually this can be sewage. It is a plumbing emergency when you have water coming back into your home from your drains.

Water Leakage After a Shower

You may notice that water leaks from your second floor into your living room after someone takes a shower. There is a problem with the pipes carrying water down your drain and into your main sewer line. You can stop the leak temporarily by stopping the shower, but you will need to get the issue fixed in order to use the shower again.

When your drains are acting strange, call for help from a plumber immediately, such as those at Calhoun Plumbing, to avoid serious problems with your drains and pipes.


22 May 2019

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