When Do You Need A New Water Heater?


If you have an old water heater, then you should not sit around waiting to have a lot of problems start coming in. If you do this, then you can wind up having problems when it is inconvenient and can end up costing you more money to have taken care of. For example, you may find that your water heater goes completely out on you on a Friday evening before a long holiday weekend.

Well, this is going to make it quite difficult for you to not only get someone out to take care of the issue, but also make it very hard for them to find you a replacement water heater that is going to work for your home. This is especially true if you are in need of a water heater that is larger or smaller than the average size for a single family residence. Even if you have a newer water heater, issues can arise that need to be tended to. Here are some signs that you have to have your water heater looked at by a plumber to avoid some serious issues.

It takes longer and longer to get hot water

When your hot water heater is a certain distance from the appliance you are trying to heat, it can be expected to take longer for the hot water to come. However, you will get to know how long it takes for the hot water to get to such places throughout the home. If you start to notice that it is taking much longer for the hot water to show up, then you may want to have the hot water heater looked at. The water heater more than likely needs to be repaired, or it may be in need of full replacement.

Your water heater is noisy

If your water heater is starting to make a lot of noise, then this means that it needs to be drained to remove the sediment. However, if it seems like the water heater is needing draining every time you turn around, then you may need to just replace the water heater.

Your water heater fails

If your water heater completely fails, then your best bet will be to go ahead and replace the unit with a new one. Once the unit has started to give you such major issues, you won't be able to trust it. Plus, once it has failed you, it would take almost as much to fix it than to simply replace it with a brand new one.

For more information, reach out to a water heater replacement professional.


17 December 2018

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