Think You Have A Plumbing Leak? Tips To Help You Know


If your home has low water pressure and your water bill has risen, you may have a plumbing water leak. To help you, below are tips to help you determine that it is a water leak causing these problems. You can then take steps to get the problem taken care of by contacting a plumbing contractor.

Check if Water is Leaking

First you must determine if you do have a water leak. One way to do this is to make sure no faucets are running inside your home, as well as no running water outside.

Go outside and look at your water meter. If you do not have a leak the water meter needle will stay still. If the needle is moving, however, then you likely have a water leak in your home. This is because when water is moving anywhere, such as from a leaky pipe, the needle will move.

Another way to check is to turn off the main water supply for your home. This may be in a garage, basement, or on your property somewhere. If you are not sure how to turn off the water supply contact a plumber to help you. With the water supply turned off, check the meter again to see if the needle is moving.

Even if the water meter needle stays still you should still look for other signs of a plumbing leak.

Other Signs of a Leak

There are signs you can look for to determine if you have a water leak, including:


The main sign you will see if you have a water leak is mold. You may see this mold on non-shower walls. If you have a shower, you may see mold due to steam that will cause moisture to build up on walls, the ceiling, etc. You can take care of this by installing a fan in your bathroom.

If your bathroom has no shower and only a bathtub, you likely would not create steam from taking a bath. Because of this, if you see mold on the bathroom wall or ceiling, then you likely have a leaky plumbing pipe.

Damaged Ceiling, Walls, or Flooring

Look at the ceiling in the bathroom, and you may see yellow water stains. You may see water stains on the walls that are near the leaky pipe or the flooring if you have plumbing installed in the flooring. If the water leak is bad enough, this can cause walls to sag.

Water Under Sink

Look under the sink in your kitchen to see if you feel wetness on the pipes. You may also see water if the pipe has been leaking for some time. Next, check the pipes under the bathroom sink to see if they are wet.

Contact a plumber to help you, as the plumbing leak could come from somewhere you do not have access to, such as in ceilings, flooring, and walls.


26 November 2018

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