Three Signs Of A Broken Well Pump


Well pumps serve an integral purpose in your household: without their proper operation, your entire plumbing system can be ground to a halt, and your entire house disrupted as well. Just like any other appliance, well pumps can break down over time as they age and experience physical stress and damage through their normal operation. Understanding what some of the warning signs associated with a well pump on its last legs are can help you determine when you should talk to a plumbing contractor about replacing the unit and other plumbing services before it fails entirely.

Constant Operation

Damage to your well pump can take many forms, but one of the most serious forms of damage can cause your well pump to constantly run as it tries to maintain water pressure. This can be caused by a damaged motor, wiring, or some other internal component within the pump. While your water supply may not be affected right away, a constantly running well pump can quickly increase the amount of wear and tear that the motor and other components experience, making a complete failure a distinct possibility. Contact a plumber at the first sign of chronic well pump operation, or even if you notice that your well pump is running when no appliances or water fixtures are turned on and using water.

Reduced Water Pressure

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your well pump may be about to die if you notice a distinct and significant reduction in the water pressure in multiple, if not all, water fixtures in your home. Depending on the severity of the problem, taps on the lower levels of your home and which are located nearer to the pump may not suffer from the same level of water pressure reduction, but as the problem grows worse your entire home will suffer. This is either because the pump itself is failing, or because it has become so clogged with debris and contaminants that it can no longer adequately maintain water pressure.


Finally, the last major sign that you need to immediately get in touch with a plumbing contractor is if there is no water flowing out of any water fixtures. This can point to a leak somewhere in your plumbing or the pump itself, or a pump motor that has completely died. In any case, avoid opening the taps until a professional has inspected the system and determined the best course of action for you to pursue.


20 July 2018

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