That's A Long Time To Wait: 3 Reasons You Need Portable Toilets On Your Construction Site


If you run a busy construction company, you've got a lot of things to worry about, including budgets, schedules, and permits. That's just a few of the details you need to worry about. When you're that busy, you can forget about some of the smaller details, such as portable toilets. Unfortunately, when you don't have portable toilets on your construction site, you're going to be letting a lot of people down, including yourself. Not only that, but you may end up adding stress to an already stressful situation. That's why it's so important that you add portable toilets to your list of must-have items for your construction site. Here are just three of the many reasons why you need portable toilets.

Your Crew Will Thank You

The key to ensuring that your construction site runs smoothly is to ensure that your crew has a favorable work environment. That doesn't mean that your crew needs to be happy all the time, but it does mean that their basic health and safety concerns need to be met. If they're not able to relieve themselves quickly, privately, and hygienically, their work is going to suffer. Unfortunately, that's what's going to happen when you don't have restroom facilities for your crew. That's where the portable toilets come in to the picture. Your crew is going to thank you when they have access to restroom facilities at each construction site.

Your Clients Will Thank You

If you don't have portable toilets on each of your construction sites, your crew will have one of two options available to them. First, leave the work site and head to the nearest public restroom. Second, relieve themselves in a secluded corner of the construction site. Neither of those options are acceptable when it comes to a construction site. Your clients don't want to deal with construction delays because your crew has to cut into their work schedule to go to the bathroom. They also don't want to know that their future yard is being used as a restroom facility. Your clients will thank you when you have a portable toilet set up for your crew.

Your Inspector Will Thank You

When you're running a construction site, you know that you're going to have inspectors on the property from time to time. In fact, you'll have inspectors on the property quite often throughout the building process. They'll be looking for problems that could lead to fines and penalties. One of the things they'll be looking for is the on-site sanitation. You see, on-site portable toilets are required by law in many areas of the country. If you don't have portable toilets on site, your inspector will have to site you for non-compliance. Instead of making your inspector do extra work, let them thank you for having portable toilets on site for your crew.  

If you are interested in adding a porta potty for construction sites, talk with a business in your area.   


27 June 2018

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