2 Tips For Increasing The Water Flow In Your Shower


If you have noticed lately that the water flowing out of your shower is not enough to fully rinse off, you may suspect that there is a problem with your plumbing. However, the problem could be caused by something simple that you can easily remedy by yourself. Before calling a plumber, use the following tips to attempt to increase the water flow in your shower.

Clean Out Your Shower Head

One common problem that could be affecting the amount of water coming out of your shower head is the buildup of minerals like calcium or limescale. These minerals can clog up the holes in the head, allowing only partial streams of water through.

While your shower is turned on, look carefully to see if there are holes through which little to no water is flowing. If you find any, turn off the water to your shower, and remove the shower head.

Place the head in a container large enough to cover it with straight white distilled vinegar. The acetic acid of the vinegar can soften and remove the mineral deposits.

Let the shower head soak for an hour or so. Then, use an old toothbrush to scrub away any scaling or deposits that you see. Reattach the head, turn the water back on, and see if the cleaning makes a difference. If not, there could be another issue causing the decreased water flow.

Remove the Aerator Inside the Shower Head

If cleaning off the mineral deposits did not improve your shower's water flow and pressure, the issue could be the aerator inside the head. The aerator is meant to regulate and decrease water consumption. It mixes air in with the water, giving you the appearance of the same amount of water you might expect to see when it is running full force.

However, if the aerator becomes damaged or clogged, it will stop doing its job and eventually block the flow of water. If you suspect the aerator is the culprit, turn off your water valve, unscrew your shower head, and remove the aerator with a pair of needle nose pliers.

After replacing the head and turning the water back on, you should see an increase in water pressure. However, if you do not, there could be a problem with the plumbing leading to your shower that will need professional attention.

After using the above tips, you may still find that your shower's water flow and pressure are not how you want them. If so, contact a plumber at a company like Walt's Plumbing so they can inspect the pipes to see if they have become clogged or are leaking somewhere you cannot see.


8 March 2018

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