Tips To Help A Homeowner Avoid Plumbing Problems


When a home encounters plumbing problems, it can be possible for life inside the house to be severely disrupted and for the property to sustain extensive damage. Homeowners will frequently underestimate the steps that they should be taking to keep their plumbing in good condition.

Use Drain Strainers

The drains can be a part of the plumbing system that is the most vulnerable to encountering problems. When hair, food, and other forms of debris enter the drains, it can be possible for a severe clog to form. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently take little or no preventive action when it comes to this problem. Yet, it may be possible to greatly reduce the risk of the drains clogging by installing strainers. These strainers will filter out the larger pieces of debris, and this can greatly reduce or eliminate the risk. Ideally, these strainers will need to be installed on each drain, and they should be regularly cleaned to help remove the debris that can accumulate on them.

Monitor The Quality Of Your Water

The quality of the water can be another important factor when it comes to preventing issues with the plumbing. If a home has water that is high in sediments or minerals, the risk of clogs forming can be dramatically increased. It is important for homeowners to be aware of the fact that the quality of the water in their homes can vary and change over the course of time. This will make it important for homeowners to have their water quality tested every year so that they will know if there has been a sizable increase in the mineral and sediment concentration. In instances where this is the case, it may be necessary to install suitable filtration and softening systems to restore the quality of the water. Otherwise, you may find that your plumbing will need expensive repair work in the future.

Protect Your Pipes Against Freezing Temperatures

Cold winter weather can be another major plumbing threat. When this weather arrives, it can cause the water in your plumbing to freeze, which can cause extensive damage to the pipes, seals, and other plumbing components. To protect your pipes, you may assume that you will only need to leave the water dripping. Yet it can be possible for water to freeze despite the faucets dripping if the weather gets cold enough. Insulating the pipes can help to decrease the risk of the water in them freezing, and installing pipe warmers can further help this problem by keeping the pipes from getting cold enough to freeze the water in them.

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12 February 2018

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