Clogged Drain? Try Clearing The P-Trap


When one of your home's sinks is not draining properly, it's possible that the problem is located inside the p-trap. It is common to have clogs in the p-trap since heavy debris can rest along the bottom and cause problems with how water flows out of the drain. Before you call a local plumber, you could try clearing the p-trap on your own to see if it fixes the problem:

Gather the Tools 

You only need a few tools to clear out a clogged p-trap. You'll need a bucket to catch any water that comes out of the pipe as it is disconnected, some towels to soak up spilled water, pliers to disconnect the plumbing connections, and a brush or coat hanger to clear out the clog. Once you've gathered these items you can get to work.

Disconnect the P-trap

Start by removing all the items underneath the sink that you will be working on. This will give you room to work and place the bucket underneath the p-trap. The trap will have water inside it, and if there is a clog, the water will even extend upwards into the pipe leading to the p-trap. As you loosen the pipe connection using your pliers, be prepared for water to rush out of the pipe.

With the p-trap removed, you'll most likely be able to see debris that is trapped in the pipe if it is the reason for the clog. You'll have to clean out this pipe using your brush or wire coat hanger to loosen the debris so it can go into the trash. Using a coat hanger with a hook on the end can help go into a pipe and pull out anything that could be near the opening.

Reassemble the P-trap

With the pieces of pipe cleaned, you can start reassembling everything back to the way it was. Place the trap back onto the pipes going to your sink and the drain, and then tighten the connection nuts using your pliers. Before you remove the bucket, run the water through the drain to find out if there is any leak in the connection and test the pipe for drainage. If no water is leaking out and the water is draining, you've fixed the problem.

For clogs not within the p-trap, you'll need to help of a plumber that can snake out your clogged drain and remove whatever is deep inside it. Contact a company like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. for more information and assistance. 


29 November 2017

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