Solve Your Drain Cleaning Issues For Good


Most homeowners may argue that drain cleaning is something that they hate to do. Drains that are not clean often cause overflow problems and then you will have to contact a plumber to provide you with drain cleaning services. The drain that is often clogged the most or that has slow water flows are the drains in the bathroom. The kitchen sink may also follow closely. The bathroom's drain clogs because of hair and builds up from soap residue. Kitchen drains may clog because of food debris that gets washed down. The debris in the drains build up and reduce the drain's water carrying capacity. The only way to increase water flow is to clean the drains around your house regularly.

Clear Debris

Drains flood because they are full of debris. One way to stop cleaning issues is to pull out hair or other debris (in the kitchen sink) with a zip it tool. The tool is very flexible and can fit almost anywhere. It can fit in drains that have covers and even in drains that do not have covers. If you do this daily or even weekly, then you won't have any flow issues for some time.

No Covers

When the drain is covered with a "pop-up", the pop up makes debris collection relatively easy, and it is easy to forget to clean the drains. When debris can wash down the pipe easily, less time is required to clean the drain. Even if debris gets stuck in the drain pipe, without the pop-up cover, the drain pipe is easy to clean. Removing the pop-up cover is as simple as finding the nut that is behind the drain pipe.

Use a Drain Cleaner

Once the debris is cleaned, you can use a mild cleaner to clean your drain and its pipes. A drain cleaner's chemical composition helps to disintegrate and break down build ups that accumulate inside the pipes. A simple formula can go a long way in increasing drain flow.

The Solution

There is no ideal way to ultimately not clean a drain. So long as water flows through it along with soap, food, hair and other chemicals, there is always going to be a build-up, no matter how big the pipes are. So, before you call a plumber or seek out a drain repairs and cleaning team, it is a good idea to try to clean it first yourself. But if simple fixes don't work, drain services are always there to help you out. 


28 November 2017

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