Addressing Clogs In Your Water Softener


If you have a water softener, then you can expect your system to work well for months on end with very few issues. While this is true, you may run into an issue now and again. There are a few common problems that may crop up, and the blockage of the system is one of them. Keep reading to learn how you can fix this sort of issue: 

Break Up The Salt

If you notice that the water softener is not working, but water is flowing through the device, then this is a sort of clog issue that needs to be resolved. In this case, something called a salt bridge has developed where salt has deposited on the inside of the brine tank. The encrusted salt often covers the water and keeps the system from working properly. In other words, the entire softening process does not take place before the water flows through the system.

An easy way to fix this problem is to open up the tank and to locate any possible salt formations. Use a heavy spoon, spatula, or other tools to physically break up the salt. You can also purchase a liquid solution that can dissolve the bridge. A simple vinegar and water spray can be made as well to get rid of the bridge.

If you do release the salt bridge, keep in mind that the water underneath it will have been trapped for some time. You do not want it running through your system. Remove the fluid with a wet/dry vacuum and run fresh water through the system once again. 

Clean The Entire Unit

If you notice that there is little to no water running through the water softener, then this sort of blockage issue must be resolved by cleaning out the system and the various parts that are prone to clogs. If you have a great deal of iron in your water, then the issue may be an accumulation of iron within the regeneration tank. You can and should run a fluid iron remover through the tank. A thorough cleaning with soap and water of the tank can help to release any leftover residue.

You also want to remove sediment and debris from a part called the injector head. This part of the device regulates how much salt water moves through your system. It is fitted with a screen and a nozzle, and both of these parts should be flushed with water. You can look in your manual if you are unsure where the injector head or screen is located. 

Contact local water softener services for more information and assistance. 


28 November 2017

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