3 Tips To Help You With The Testing And Removal Of Hazardous Mold Growth


If you have recently had a problem with water damage, one of the issues that you want to be aware of is mold growth. Mold and mildew are often found in homes where there is moisture, but there are some strains of mold spores that are hazardous and need to be removed. Here are some tips to help with the testing and removal of mold after water damage:

1. Exterior Damage and Leaks That Cause Mold Problems

There is a lot of exterior damage that causes mold to grow in your home. If you have a problem with leaks on your roof, the moisture will lead to rot and possibly mold. You also want to look for leaks on siding, flashing, and chimneys, which are areas of homes that often get overlooked when inspecting for leaks. If leaks go unnoticed for too long, this is the perfect recipe for hazardous mold growth, which happens when there is plenty of moisture available for the mold to spread.

2. The Common Plumbing Issues That Can Lead to Serious Mold Problems

The common cause of hazardous mold growth in homes is due problems with plumbing. Many homeowners overlook the small leak underneath a sink or a pipe that is causing a moisture problem. This moisture provides the perfect condition for hazardous black mold to grow, and once it starts to grow, it can easily spread throughout your home. Have a plumbing contractor fix any problems with pipes, and have any potentially hazardous mold problems tested and removed. The hazardous mold can spread far away from the source of moisture.

3. Flooding and Drainage Problems That Cause Serious Mold Problems Later

Flooding and drainage problems are another problem that you will want to worry about. When your home is flooded, you may not think about mold problems because they usually come later. Make sure that the damage is cleaned by professionals to ensure that no moisture is left behind that could cause potentially hazardous mold growth. Also, you will also want to have drain systems, and drainage regularly inspected to ensure that they do not cause flooding and mold problems in your home.

These are some tips to help you deal with testing and removal of mold after your home has had water damage. Before a mold problem grows out of control, contact a mold elimination service to help with testing and removal of mold if needed. 


28 November 2017

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