Want A Trouble-Free Holiday Season? 4 Tips To Help You Avoid Plumbing Problems


Guests are about to arrive for the holidays. Are you ready to protect your plumbing? Not only do you need to worry about the overuse, you also need to worry about the winter weather that's approaching quickly. Overuse, misuse, and freezing temperatures can really do a number on your plumbing. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help avoid plumbing troubles. Take a look at four helpful tips that will keep your plumbing problem-free.

Don't Mistreat the Septic System

If you have a septic system, it can pose special risks during the holidays. To avoid plumbing risks associated with your septic system, you should limit the amount of water that's used at one time. If your guests are going to be using your motor home as sleeping quarters, or they're bringing their own motor homes with them, never use your septic system as a dump station. Your septic is not designed for motor home sewage. Using your septic system as a dump station could cause a backup that would damage the sewage pipes in your home.

Don't Go Overboard on the Garbage Disposal

When you're just preparing food for your immediate family, your garbage disposal shouldn't pose any serious plumbing risks. However, when you're preparing food for a large gathering, the excess waste being sent through the garbage disposal could create a serious clog. To avoid those problems, don't go overboard on the garbage disposal use during the holidays. Instead, try to use a trash can for all your food waste. It's particularly important that you avoid using your garbage disposal for egg shells, potato peels and grease.

Don't Ignore the Freezing Temperature Warnings

If you're expecting a winter wonderland during the holidays, don't ignore the freezing temperature warnings. Those warnings can help you avoid broken water pipes. As soon as you know you're facing a freeze warning, take precautions to protect your pipes. Insulate the exposed pipes using old magazines and duct tape. Open your cabinets at night to keep the pipes warm, and let the faucets drip – just a bit – at night. The drips will keep the water moving and prevent freezing.

Don't Use the Toilet for Baby Supplies and Feminine Hygiene Products

When it comes to protecting your toilets, the most important thing you can do is avoid using them as waste baskets. When you're guests arrive, make sure they know to toss baby wipes, diapers, and feminine hygiene products – such as tampons and sanitary napkins – into the trash can. Don't be afraid to leave a note next to the toilets reminding your guests about the items that should be discarded in the trash can. An ounce of prevention will help keep the plumber away during the holidays.


26 November 2017

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