4 Signs That Your Pipes May Be Frozen


During the winter, you need to aware of the signs that your pipes are frozen. You don't want your drainage pipes or your sewer line to get frozen. A frozen pipe can put you in a really tricky situation. You need to know the signs of a frozen pipe so you can get the issue fixed so that it expands.

#1 Frost On Your Pipes

When you look at your pipes, you should not be able to see frost on them. Check the pipes under your sink and make sure that there is not frost on them. If your home is warm enough, the pipes in your home should not get frost on them. It is more common for pipes in your basement and in your crawl space to develop frost. Frost develops on the outside of your pipes when the interior of your pipes are frozen.

#2 Your Pipes Smell Weird

Your pipes should not smell weird. If you notice a strange smell coming from your drainage pipes that smells like a sewer or that smell like old garbage. If your toilet and sinks start to smell really strange, that is a strong sign that your pipes and your sewage tank are frozen. When your drainage pipes are frozen, water and waste is just going to sit in your pipes, resulting in the strange smell that you are encountering.

#3 Strange Noise from Your Pipes

When your pipes and septic tank are frozen, you may also hear strange noise coming from your pipes. You may hear a gurgling sound coming from your pipes. If your pipes are just randomly gurgling it is more than likely because they are clogged up.

#4 Water Where It Should Not Be

When your pipes get frozen, one of the results is that water shows up where it should not be present. If you find puddles of water on the floor, that can be a sign that your pipes and sewer are not only frozen, but broken. You may also find moisture on your walls or on your ceiling where your pipes are located. You may also have puddles or a sink hole outside as well.

Prevent your pipes and your septic tank from freezing by insulating your pipes and by keeping the air warm around your pipes. Be aware of the signs that your pipes have become frozen, and get a plumber to help you out if you see any of the signs of a frozen pipe or septic tank. Contact a company, like Peoples Plumbing LLC, for more help.


26 November 2017

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