Complete Your Basement Finishing With Plumbing Installations


Buying a home with an unfinished basement may have been exciting because it gave you an opportunity to transform an empty space into something special. Working on the project for several months or even as long as a year may have you getting closer to the finish. You may have handled most of the labor to minimize costs, but hiring some professionals is still a smart choice.

The plumbing work is important because if it is done incorrectly, the floor or drywall may need to be removed so that the problems can be reversed. You will also want to get assistance with various plumbing installations throughout the basement to guarantee a positive outcome.


Setting up a laundry room in your basement is a great way to gain space upstairs. At the very least, you will want to get help from a plumber to install a washing machine. But, you may also want to add a utility sink to this room to maximize the functionality of your laundry room.

The difficulty of running pipes to the washer and sink will be determined by location. So, you can work with a plumber to figure out the least expensive locations to install these features.


A finished basement will likely include a bathroom or two, so you will want to get help with installing the toilet. Where to put the toilet is not always an easy choice if you have not figured out where everything else will go in the bathroom. Hiring a plumber with bathroom remodeling experience can give you a well-educated perspective on the best place for the toilet to go.


While the laundry room sink is optional, the bathroom sink is a must-have. If you want a logical setup in your bathroom, you can make it so that the sink is closest to the doorway. This way, the final task of washing your hands will be handled while you are close to the door to leave. A plumber can help whether you want to install a pedestal, undermount, or vessel sink.


Whether you want to add a walk-in shower or a bath and shower combo to the basement bathroom, a plumber can help with numerous aspects of the installation. They can make sure the drainage is set up properly and that the shower can provide sufficient water flow.

Hiring a plumber will get you one step closer to finishing your basement. 


25 November 2017

Plumbing For A Better Home

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