Pros And Cons Of Under-Sink Water Filters


Under-sink water filters are a specific variant of water filter that are installed on the plumbing associated with a single faucet. These water filters have a distinctive set of advantages and drawbacks associated with them. In order to make an informed decision about whether or not an under-sink water filter is the right fit for your home's sinks, you should understand what the pros and cons are.

Advantages of Under-Sink Water Filters

Convenience: The most important advantage associated with under-sink water filters is that they are extremely convenient, and work instantly. All you have to do is turn on the tap and enjoy filtered water. Further, under-sink water filters do not require a great deal of maintenance over time to stay in good working condition: all you have to do is replace the filter once it has reached the end of its lifespan (exact timeframes depend on the model and type of filter).

Filter Choice: Under-sink water filters come in a wide range of different types of filters, each of which operates slightly differently and is able to filter out specific contaminants and compounds from your water supply. This includes anti-bacterial UV filters, water softening ion-exchangers, and common charcoal filter that can block out dissolved solids, just to name a few.

Space Saving: Finally, under-sink water filters, as their name would suggest, are installed underneath your sink. This allows you to save valuable counter space while still being able to enjoy filtered water out of your tap – and also prevents a large, bulky filter from sitting on your counter and disrupting the design of your kitchen.

Disadvantages of Under-Sink Water Filters

Cost Effective: While under-sink water filters can be extremely convenient, they will only provide filtration for that specific faucet. This may be fine if you just want to ensure that your drinking water is in good condition, but if you suffer from a hard water supply, which can make it hard to for your washing machine and dishwasher to do their jobs, you'll have to look at a whole-house filter instead.

Faucet Replacement: Though it depends on your specific faucet and filter models, it is fairly common for you to have to either replace your current faucet with one that will fit your under-sink filter, or drill a separate hole into your sink for the installation of a dedicated filtered water faucet, both of which can drive up installation costs.


23 November 2017

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