Doing Your Own Plumbing Repairs? 3 Tips To Follow


Think you are capable of handling your own plumbing repairs? If so, you may be trying to save money by fixing a leaking pipe, installing a garbage disposal, or even swapping out a run of galvanized plumbing with copper. Before you begin, make sure you know these three things.

Know What You're Capable Of

A mistake often made by homeowners is starting a project and realizing that it is much harder than they thought it was. They won't admit that the job is too much for them to handle, and they'll keep working on it and causing more problems than they intend to.

That is why it is so important to know what you're capable of doing when it comes to plumbing repair. If you have a feeling that you may not be able to handle the job, then call a plumber to take care of it for you.

The last thing you want is to spend the time and money replacing a leaking pipe on your own, only to discover that you did it wrong and the pipe still leaks.

Know About Safety Concerns

Homeowners also need to understand the necessary safety procedures when working on water in your home. This includes knowing how you can shut off water to your entire home in an emergency situation, and if not, learning how to do it before the project starts.

It's a common occurrence that homeowners don't know how to shut off their water when it is an emergency. As the water continues to flow into the home as they struggle to figure out how to shut it off, more water damage occurs that need to be repaired.

Be Prepared To Buy Some Tools

The biggest challenge with doing plumbing repairs on a budget is that it often requires special tools that you do not have access to. Since plumbing repairs are so few and far between for most homeowners, those necessary tools may never pay for themselves over time.

For example, if you are fixing a leak in a PEX pipe, you need a special tool that helps join the two pieces of PEX together. The cost of the tools and materials could be more money than the cost of hiring a plumber to fix it for you. Be prepared to look into the total cost of the job, including new tools you need to buy, before you start getting into a potentially expensive plumbing repair project. Contact a plumber or a water leak detection service for more help.


23 November 2017

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