4 Signs Of A Slab Leak


Your home's slab foundation is the base on which the rest of your house rests on. This means that any sort of damage to your slab can have implications for the rest of your home, as any shifts or cracks can cause structural damage to other floors of your home. Slab leaks are one of the most common reasons why your slab may shift or otherwise become damaged, and as such need to be identified early so that they can be addressed before they can cause serious issues for your home.

1. Increased Water Bills

Any sort of leak in your plumbing will come with a huge increase in your water bills, as a small amount of water will be constantly running. If you notice that there is a significant increase in the amount of money that you're paying in a particular month, without a corresponding increase in your water usage or any signs of water damage in your home, you may have a leak that is affecting your foundation.

2. Reduced Water Pressure

In a similar vein to the above point, any sort of slab leak will cause a decrease in your home's water pressure due to a constantly running leak. Turn on a single faucet in your home at a time: if they all suffer from reduced water pressure, even at different levels of your home, you likely have a leak.

3. Water Damage in the Basement

Another sure sign of a slab leak is if you notice any sort of water damage in your basement. This can take the form of water physically pooling on the floor, your floor warping or otherwise changing shape, and mold and mildew growth developing. If the leak is close to the surface of your slab, you may even be able to hear the sound of water running.

Keep in mind that water damage near your washing machine or water heater may simply point to a leak in those appliances, which, while a serious issue that needs to be addressed, is much easier to fix than a slab leak.

4. Cracks

A developed slab leak can cause shifts in your home's foundation, which can cause cracks to develop in certain areas of your home. If you notice that cracks have developed in the corners of your door or window frames, around your home's baseboards, and especially in the walls or ceiling of your basement, your slab may have already begun to shift. 

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22 November 2017

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